Pastor's Corner

Rev David L Hutchison, Jr


Saved at the age of nine, he announced his call to preach the Gospel at twenty-two. Starting out as an Evangelist, he was ordained a few years later. Over the next twenty plus years, he continued his Evangelist ministry, preaching single services, revivals, and filling in when other pastors needed to be out for extended periods of time due to illness or surgery.

In January 2021, Keith Avenue asked him to take the pastoral position at the church. Starting with just a handful of the faithful parishioners; the church has been steadily growing throughout 2021 when other churches are declining or outright closing down.

The music has grown from just a piano to now include an electric piano, drums, bass, and guitar; with the original pianist swapping over at times to another guitar or mandolin. Additional Sunday School classes have started, and the Lord is blessing every service with His Holy Spirit. Almost inevitably, anyone coming in for the first time comments on how the services remind them of how church used to be. This is all thanks to our Pastor following the leadership of the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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